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Yellowstone National Park – A Winter Wonderland

So you’ve seen Yellowstone National Park in the summer you say? Only half the fun!! Time to see it when it’s a “winter wonderland”! You haven’t lived if you haven’t seen Yellowstone National Park with a pristine dusting of fresh new fallen snow! Truly magical!
One of the things that makes it so incredible in the Winter is the fact that the wildlife comes down to the lower elevation to forage for food so, it is the opportune time to see buffalo, moose, elk, fox, wolves, and amazingly this time, a grizzly bear all in the same habitat! All in the same environ! If you love wildlife exploration this is for you! We were just there and wolves took down a bison. Perhaps it was too early in the snow season for a deep slumber, or the kill was super close to a den but, a grizzly appeared on the scene for us despite most bear being in hibernation! We also were privileged to see trumpeter swan, beaver, big horn sheep, bald eagle and mountain goat!


Another thing that makes it so incredible in the winter is that the geographical elements take on a whole new look, a beyond words type of look! Geyser chasing (going from geyser to geyser, in different parts of the park, to get there just in time for their next eruption) including Old Faithful, needs to be via a huge snow coach ( or skis or snow mobile) just adding to the excitement! The eruption unparalleled as it spews steam and spray against a snowy wintery backdrop.
Everything in Yellowstone takes on a whole new look in the winter; Yellowstone Falls (where the water actually cascades BEHIND a wall of ice!)

Mammoth Hot Springs, and the Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole beg to be seen in the winter. The sleigh ride to feed the wintering elk is a unique opportunity and, one MUST experience the quiet winter forests while snow shoeing.

We incorporate special guides that know and dedicate themselves to particular outings, such as Wolf Seeking, so we are sure to always catch a glimpse of these elusive animals!
On our Out West Adventure Tours special private 4 and 5 day Yellowstone Winter Tours we as always recommend guests bring hand and feet warmers, wear plenty of layers and of course waterproof items! But perhaps THE most important thing you need to be sure and bring on this epic excursion is your camera, because there will be so much you’ll want to take pictures of! At Out West Adventure Tours we’re not just about Tours, we’re about memories!

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