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Ruta 66 Y Ghost Town Tour Oatman

Ruta 66 & Oatman Ghost Town Tour Highlights

This is another exciting tour for the discriminating traveler who seeks out the more unique tour experiences!

After leaving the Las Vegas Strip behind for a day, we will first visit the 1931 built Hoover Dam, taking in beautiful Lake Mead with it’s crystal clear water, and marvel at the ingenuity and speed of the people who built the Dam in as little as 4 years!

Next we are on our way toward Kingman, AZ y una unidad emocionante en la antigua ruta 66, uno de los discos más espectaculares en el suroeste! The Route 66 signs and the Cool Springs Station are photo opportunities along the way. Horseshoeing (lots of horseshoe turns!), we make our way up the Sitegrave Pass with numerous mining camps along the way and a scenic overlook where we can see three states.

Moving on, we arrive at the historic and mysterious town of Oatman. Referred to as aLiving Ghost Town,” this Arizona town began as a tent camp when gold was discovered in 1902, and was the site of a multi-million dollar gold discovery in 1915. Oatman was named after Olive Oatman, a young girl from Illinois who was captured by the Yavapai Native Americans and forced to work as a slave before being rescued and adopted by the Mohave Native Americans. Browse the quaint shops and feed the many wild burros that wander the streets, left behind by the miners of old!! Such a great opportunity to take pictures! Watch out for the occasional gun fight that can flare up between the Ghost Riders and the Gold Diggers!

Satisfied with our experience at Oatman, we make our way back to Las Vegas by way of the Mojave Desert on the Veterans Memorial Highway where the road cuts through the beautiful desert scape. Let your imagination take you back in time to the wild west and its adventurous people willing to explore, experience, and settle this part of the country.

Solamente $195

Información de viajes

Ruta 66 Oatman Ghost Town Tour

Hora de salida: Aproximadamente 8:00 A.M

Hora de regreso: Aproximadamente 4:30 PM


What's Included

  • Un montón de oportunidades para tomar fotografías!
  • Almuerzo (su elección de sándwich)
  • Meriendas
  • agua embotellada ilimitada

Las opciones de sándwich

  • Pavo asado
  • jamón & Queso
  • Carne asada
  • Atún

Lo que debe llevar

  • Sombrero o gafas de sol
  • protector solar
  • Bálsamo labial
  • Cámara

Lo que usted debe usar

Vestirse para el clima - vestirse en capas siempre es mejor

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