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Out West Adventure Tours

We are a private boutique style tour company offering exceptional tour choices to a discriminating adventure clientele. Founded in 2013 by a world traveler himself, Erwin Kollegger, who knows and appreciates the life-long value an excellent tour gives. His business is not just a business but a tour lifestyle making every moment special and unique. Vacation experiences stay with you a lifetime so you need to trust these memories to a tour company that values that importance. Out West Adventure Tours offers clientele the opportunity to build a tour from a menu of pre-designed destinations or go a la carte and customize for maximum personalization of your tour experience.

One way we are identified as different from anybody else is that we offer our guests an exclusive private tour experience – just them, the van and guide for the entire trip. No need to pick up other guests from the variety of hotels until the van is filled thus delaying the tour experience. The uniqueness we offer are the Summer tours (year round for Las Vegas!) AND, Winter experiences including skiing, back-country skiing, snow-shoeing and, snowmobiling with nearby destinations that enable you to enjoy a snow activity for the day and return to the sun and palm trees of Las Vegas within a short time…the best of both worlds!! All the while traveling in a new customized van that offers maximum comfort and onboard entertainment.

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About Erwin Kolleger – Founder

Growing up in the mountains of Switzerland, I learned to ski and climb almost before I could walk. This gave me a profound interest in the outdoors starting at a very young age.The allure to travel the world followed very quickly. In 1972 I received my certification as a Professional Ski Instructor with Alpine SSV, Racing BSV, Backcountry, and Cross-country accreditations. Afterward; I guided, coached, free-styled and raced my way across 5 continents traveling 260 to 300 days a year. Upon meeting my lovely wife, we raised 6 beautiful children, all lovers of the great outdoors and travel enthusiasts! Following on my success as a ski professional I have transitioned my own passion for travel and adventure into a successful business as a tour operator, private tour guide, as well as international private race coach making my mark on the Las Vegas touring business. National and International publications have dubbed me Mr. Hoover Dam and Mr. Las Vegas because of my knowledge of the areas I tour with clients as well as the degree of showmanship I convey the information and the good time I show my guests.

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Out West Adventure Tours

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Death Valley Tour

Our most popular and highest recommended tour.