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Death Valley Tour

A beautiful tour through Death Valley’s National Park filled with amazing natural colors and dramatic mountain ranges. Your attention will be drawn to all the unexpected details around you. Check out our Death Valley Tour for more details!

Antelope Canyon Tour

An ultimate hiking/photo tour adventure with Carolyn and Erwin

Unparalleled to any other tour destinations in the southwest, Antelope Canyon is known as the most photographed Slot Canyon in the World!

Painting & Photo Tour

This is a unique tour for the couple or small group where some want to paint En Plein Air while others would rather trek about with Tour Master, Erwin, taking pictures and learning facts!

Hoover Dam Tour

Hoover Dam is the highest concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere, and the new nearby Memorial Bypass Bridge (built after 9/11 to reduce risk to the Dam) is the second-highest bridge in the United States.

Winter Tour

This tour is for the true ski enthusiast who want to ski on some of the biggest resorts the West has to offer and leave all the planning to someone else PLUS have the benefit of being accompanied by a Professional Ski Instructor and Coach!

Death Valley Tour

A beautiful tour through Death Valley’s National Park filled with amazing natural colors and dramatic mountain ranges. Your attention will be drawn to all the unexpected details around you. Check out our Death Valley Tour for more details!

Grand Teton / Yellowstone National Park Tour

Totally private and customized Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park Tour from Las Vegas and Jackson Hole. Start a road trip from Las Vegas on a 4 to 5 day tour to Jackson Hole or start in Jackson Hole for a 2 to 3 day tour.

Eldorado Canyon of Gold Tour

We begin our half day tour by visiting the Hoover Dam for a photo opportunity, a view of the Colorado River, and the impressive new bypass Memorial Bridge and marvel at the incredible feat of engineering.

Kanarra Falls Slot Canyon Excursion

A great little hike for those in quest of a perfectly incredible, multi-hued, twisting and turning slot canyon to hike and to photograph!

Grand Canyon Tour

Experience one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World by escaping the Las Vegas Strip and journey through the Mojave Desert on this exquisite day tour. One of the first photo ops is the impressive Hoover Dam and the crossing of the Colorado River 900ft above it.

Area 51 Tour

“Far out” of Las Vegas, leaving the glitz and glamour of the Strip behind, surrounded by miles and miles of undeveloped desert, lies a mystery. Area 51, known worldwide as a secret military base within the Nellis Test and Training Range, is so secret the government did not acknowledge its’ existence until 2013! View our Area 51 Tour for more details!

Valley of Fire Tour

Compliments to our discerning and discriminating guests that know of this destination and seek it out!

Route 66 & Oatman Ghost Town Tour

This is an awesome and truly unique tour for the guest that seeks something “outside of the box”!! A living ghost town where wild burro roam and rule the streets!! We are on our way toward Kingman, AZ and an exciting drive on the old Route 66, one of the most scenic drives in the Southwest!


As a world class ski instructor/coach, I understand that every client is unique, and every tour is different. I am committed to helping you create an unforgettable adventure and using my expertise as the cornerstone in making sure your experience is not only personalized, but also safe and most of all, fun!

You’ll Love Your Experience

I’ve been able to see, ski, and hike some of the most incredible places in the world. We have just one life, and I believe one of the most important things is using it to experience all the amazingness this world has to offer. Whether you are new to something, or an adrenaline junkie, I’ll help put together an adventure tour from Las Vegas that is not only right for you, but one that you aren’t soon to forget!

Out West Adventure Tours Erwin Kollegger Tour Master

Meet Your Tour Master!

An Active Lifestyle philosophy is about inspiring you to take the leap to become your best self. I want to make people feel good and help them build a strong sense of self. I want to create a positive community that supports and empowers everyone, no matter what their fitness level or goals are.

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Zoe B.

Erwin we absolutely had an incredible time on the Death Valley Crater Tour with you! Had no idea it would be that incredible and so glad we booked with you! Your van is bomb and we had the most comfortable and exciting tour ever! We can’t thank you enough!!

Death Valley Crater Tour

Ali S.

Erwin Kollegger hosted a wonderful tour knowledgeable friendly and congenial we had an awesome day.Transportation is luxurious lunch was provided plus water and snacks even assisted with photos.If you want a very enjoyable day don’t miss out Out West Adventure Tours is the best on the road..!

Area 51 & Death Valley Tour


Erwin was our guide on a recent trip to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. He has a great personality, offers great stories, and has an easy going attitude. Recommend! *****

Grand Canyon Tour


Erwin made our day wonderful! He was very attentive to our every need, he was very knowledgeable, and just overall was a spectacular person to be around. The tour with him was very interesting and fun filled. We got to see everything we came for, had time to enjoy the views, and the (short) hikes were very beautiful. Valley of Fire is stunning and a must-see! This was an amazing experience for me and my husband, and we would like to thank Erwin again for a great day he gave us!

Valley of Fire Tour

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Death Valley Tour

Our most popular and highest recommended tour.